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OEM Premium RX7 Rotor Kit (No Apex Seals) ALL OEM MAZDA Parts


Premium OEM RX7 Rotor Kit (No Apex Seals)


For The Builder looking for all the right parts but is running a differnt APEX SEAL COMBO !Here all you need to do it right minus the apex seals.

With so many apex seal options. We no offer the same great parts kit at a great price but with no apex seals so you can make the choice on your own.


Premium OEM ROTOR KIT,  (No Apex Seals)

 - All the 13B parts nessasary to rebuild  2 Rotors back to OEM Spec.

( all Mazda OEM Premium Parts ) 


Works with all 2mm apex seal RX7 engines 1993 - 1999 as well as 1986 - 89


12    Corner Seal                      N326-11-C20A
12    Corner Seal Spring         NF01-11-C24
12    Side Seal                          N3Y1-11-C11
12    Side seal Spring              NF01-11-C17
6      Apex Seal Spring            N326-11-C06C
6      Apex Seal Spring            N326-11-C04A
4      Rotor Oil Seal Pair          N3Z1-11-S10A
4      Rotor Side Oil Seal         1202-11-343
4      Rotor Side Oil Seal         0820-11-341
2      Side Oil Seal Spring       N225-11-351
2      Side Oil Seal Spring       N225-11-361
2      Side Oil Seal Spring       1011-11-353A
2      Side Oil Seal Spring       1011-11-363A

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