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Side Plate Lapping Service 

$130.00 per surface face.

Shipping & cleaning not included:  When shipping side housings invest in good packaging.  We recommend double boxing each plate with extra layers of packing foam or protective material.  It is also common to have housings successfully shipped in wooden crates or totes with good padding or support. Insure your package!!! 

KMR Uses the traditional and very accurate process of lapping the faces of every side housing. While some shops use conventional grinding equipment to resurface side housings, we believe the best way to achieve a superior finish is to lap each surface to the minimal tolerance necessary


KMR looks to achieve the best quality surface finish to allow proper sealing. Our lapping process has been proven for years. 

Our combination of custom-built equipment and a proper blend of lapping compound helps us achieve the best finish possible.

In our service we aim to remove the minimum material to minimize reducing the thickness of the housing and to retain the nitride factory hardness built into the first layers of the casting when possible.

(notes) In KMRs personal experience nitride is not as important as the internet makes it seem. 

No Warranty on Service Work - All parts will need proper cleaning after service. Cleaning not included in Lapping Service.

Cleaning Service Available. Sonic Tank Bath and Hand Cleaning finish.  Gets it about 95 percent clean.

100.00 per Housing (available at request)

Please thoroughly clean / de-grease and remove all handwear from the side housings - KMR is not responsible for lost handwear

If Parts arrive Dirty and are not serviceable as we receive them. We will charge a 50.00 per housing cleaning

fee prior to lapping. 


Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need advice.
Please contact for more details

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