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Paddle Shift Interface

Paddle Shift Interface




Our HGT brackets and levers enable our Sequential Gearboxes to accept the Geartronics, Life Racing, Motec or Shiftec Paddleshift Actuators.


The mounting bracket is made from Billet 7075-T6 and comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and fixing hardware. All new gearboxes supplied as of March 2017 have predrilled holes ready to accept this bracket. If you're retrofitting a paddle shift system, it's a simple task to remove the sequential gearbox rear mount and drill the two needed holes.


Shift Arm


The new HGT shift arm simply slides onto the splined gearshift shaft and is fixed in place using the supplied hardware.


The Geartronics, Motec, Life Racing or Shiftec actuator can now be bolted in place and you're ready to begin setting up your ECU to handle the paddle shift system.

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