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Bio SynXtra  10W30  HD PLUS Racing Oil 1 Quart

Bio SynXtra 10W30 HD PLUS Racing Oil 1 Quart


Bio SynXtra  10W30  HD PLUS Racing Oil 1 Quart


"The perfect lubrication for you daily driver"


"Biobased Lubricants that Perform Like Synthetics"

Bio-SynXtra™ HD Super High Performance (SHP) Plus Racing Motor Oils are specially formulated for high performance turbocharged and supercharged competition engines and/or engines that require heavier viscosity oils that don't break down under high stress conditions.

Incorporating the super high viscosity index of the Stabilized* High Oleic Base Stocks (HOBS) into the formula, increases the viscosity index past synthetic levels (Energy Conserving Formulas) improving starting conditions of high performance engines. Although they provide the energy conserving properties of a multi-grade formulation, they also provide

excellent thermal and mechanical shear stability and can directly replace single viscosity grade motor oils in competitive motor sport competition. This superior viscosity stability combination allows the engine to run for longer intervals at higher RPM with greater

fluid protection and will provide more power output.

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