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KMR Formula Drift 1000hp+ 3Rotor MX5

KMR Formula Drift 1000hp+ 3Rotor MX5

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Avalible for Purchase or Rent @ KMR

2016-2018 Formula Drift Pro 1 Cometition Car 


Ready to drive




Race Spec. 20b 1000hp+ 3rotor built by KMR / Mazdatrix 

-  Full Factory Mazdaspeed racing Dry Sump setup with 2.5 gallon external tank

-  Block is fullyStudded with 1/2 inch Extream Rotary stud kit, Ballenced, Blue Printed, Ported & Polished,  with Side clearenced rotors, Race Bearings all wpc treated, KMR High performance E&J apex seals.

-  Rally style full Anti Lag setup by Namless Performance. One of a kind custom 321 stainless manifold with recurculation valve,  boost / vacume resuivors under the dash. 

-  Fogger NOS system, 40 - 70- shot for spool and top end power. ECU controlled.

- Precision Turbo, one race on turbo

- Precision Turbo Waste Gates. : two gates for turbo dump, one gate for back pressur control



- Haltech Elite 2500 ECU 

- Race Pack Dash, full data aqusition, GPS mapping, EGTs, Closed loop O2 and wide band... and More

-  Exedy tripple disck carbon clutch with Hyper Light Weight Flywheel 



-  5 Speed Billet HGT Sequential gear box ( recent service great condition). 



- WInters Quick Change ( one season sice service, great condition)

- Drive shaft Shop custom axles & Porsche style CV joints


Suspension : 

-  WiseFab full suspension setup, very adjustable based of Mazda RX8

-  Speedway engineering Sway bar setup front and rear

-  Full adjustable coil over setup. Swift srping custom dampening

-  BMW steering rack with WiseFab TieRods



-  ND Headlight and Tailights

-  Body Work, Front Fender and Rear quarter Panels by KMR, Purchase of car will not include wide Body Kit molds for bodywork. But can be purchased if interested.


Wheels & Brakes:

- WP Pro lightweight big brake setup, Scalloped rotors.

- 8 Piston front calipers, lightweight

- 4 piston rear 4 caliper setup. One of a kind

-  18x9 front wheels

-  18x10 rear wheels



Shipping or delivery not included in price but can be arranged. 

For more information contact KMR directly.


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