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12oz bottle of Bio-Rotary Racing Premix

12oz bottle of Bio-Rotary Racing Premix


Bio-Rotary Racing Premix 12oz bottle

Made in the USA, Renewable Lubricants has worked to resolve some of the common Rotary issues. here are a few areas we have improved


Bio-Rotary Racing Premix is designed specifically for rotary engines. This technology addresses the three major concerns in the rotary community: (1.) proper lubrication, (2.) issues with carbon buildup, and (3.) premix compatibility with any type of fuel. It also protects against corrosion in fuel systems, and has a fuel conditioner built into the product. Renewable Lubricants offers the only sustainable, carbon negative, (green) premix designed for high performance rotary engines.


  • Longer trouble-free engine life
  • Lowers emissions (burns clean) and improves fuel economy
  • Best in class seal lubrication
  • No exhaust smell
  • Reduces and cleans carbon deposits
  • Lubricates entire rotor and housing
  • Sustainable, carbon negative formulation
  • Helps keep spark plugs clean and increase plug life
  • Compatible with ALL fuel types (Gasoline, Ethanol Blends, and Methanol)


Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

  • Bio Rotary Racing Premix

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

  • 80491 80492 80493 80494 80496 Rotary Premix SDS


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