Lapping ( Side plate surfacing )

Lapping ( Side plate surfacing )



Side Housing resurfacing. ( flattening / re-finishing )

One of only a few shops offering this service in house with a quick turn around time.


We have been using this teqnique for over 15 years, done in house on our equipment.

Get the best finish possible when doing your rotary re-build.


There are many reasons to lap:

-high millage wear

-Water seal damage

-face damage

-general wear

-oil leak down, + smoke on start up

-low compression


Lapping is the traditional method for rotary engines.

It provides a very fine flat sureface finish.

Close to new as you can get.

We never remove more material than nessasary. 


Price is per face. 110.00


Parts must be clean of grease and debris. Please remole ALL Hardwear!

( No Warrenty )